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Conexus is a generalized C++ I/O library that includes support for
  • BSD sockets (IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP)
  • OpenSSL secure streams
  • NSPR sockets
  • NSS secure streams
  • Kernel message queues
  • Files and pipes
  • Serial/tty
  • Gtkmm widgets
  • et. al.
This library was initially created to simplify the development of Isaac, a visual programming language for autonomous mobile robots that is being developed at New Mexico State University. This library was initially used to read/write serial data on the robot platform and to provide the robot the ability to transmit and receive data.

For more information on how to use these classes see the examples in the API documentation or in the examples directory in the source tarball.

Conexus Sourceforge Project Page
The Conexus sourceforge project page can be found here:

Download conexus rpms or get the source code
This section is pretty large so it has its own page here: Get Conexus

Dependencies... and where to get them
  • OpenSSL

Documentation, Tutorials, Guides, Quick Start, et. al.
API Reference
The API documentation (including the pages you are reading now) have been generated with Doxygen.
The built documentation also includes a devhelp index. The index is installed automatically in the conexus-doc RPM and can be browsed simply by starting devhelp.
The most current documentation for conexus is available online here:
Key sections within the API reference

Mailing Lists

Sourceforge Forums
Although mailing lists are preferred, the sourceforge forums are available for discussion as well.
  • Help forum (for those using conexus in their applications)
  • Developers forum (for discussion related to the development of conexus itself)

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Patches are always welcome!!!
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Feature Requests
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conexus is released under the GPLv3

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