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except_listen.h File Reference

#include <conexus/except.h>

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class  Conexus::listen_exception
 Base class for all listen exceptions. More...
class  Conexus::exception::listen::address_in_use
 EADDRINUSE Another socket is already listening on the same port. More...
class  Conexus::exception::listen::bad_fd
 EBADF The argument s is not a valid descriptor. More...
class  Conexus::exception::listen::not_socket
 ENOTSOCK The argument s is not a socket. More...
class  Conexus::exception::listen::operation_not_supported
 EOPNOTSUPP The socket is not of a type that supports the listen operation. More...
class  Conexus::exception::listen::not_bound
 Not bound. More...


namespace  Conexus
namespace  Conexus::exception
namespace  Conexus::exception::listen

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