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utility.h File Reference

#include <conexus/factory.h>
#include <conexus/registry.h>

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namespace  Conexus


bool Conexus::use_dispatcher_default ()
void Conexus::set_use_dispatcher_default (bool use_dispatcher_default)
void Conexus::init (bool use_dispatcher_default=false, bool init_dbus=true)
 The init method should be called before any conexus servers are started.
bool Conexus::initialized ()
void Conexus::set_default_multicast_hop_limit (unsigned hop_limit)
void Conexus::enable_default_multicast_loopback (bool enable)
Factory & Conexus::default_factory ()
bool Conexus::set_default_factory (Factory::pointer new_factory)
Registry & Conexus::default_registry ()
bool Conexus::set_default_registry (Registry::pointer new_registry)


Factory::pointer Conexus::__default_factory
Registry::pointer Conexus::__default_registry

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