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nss/utility.cpp File Reference

#include "utility.h"
#include <conexus-nspr/utility.h>
#include <conexus/utility.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <termios.h>
#include <sslproto.h>

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namespace  Conexus
namespace  Conexus::NSS


char * Conexus::NSS::pk11_password_callback (PK11SlotInfo *slot, PRBool retry, void *arg)
bool Conexus::NSS::init (bool use_dispatcher_default=false, const std::string &nss_config_dir=std::string(), EXPORT_POLICY policy=EXPORT_NONE, bool read_write=false)
 Sets up configuration files and performs other tasks required to run Network Security Services.
bool Conexus::NSS::initialized ()
bool Conexus::NSS::set_ssl_default_option (uint32_t option, bool on)
bool Conexus::NSS::is_ssl_default_option_set (uint32_t option)
bool Conexus::NSS::enable_default_cipher (uint32_t cipher, bool enabled)
bool Conexus::NSS::is_default_cipher_enabled (uint32_t cipher)
void Conexus::NSS::clear_session_cache ()
bool Conexus::NSS::configure_server_session_cache (int max_cache_entries, uint32_t timeout, uint32_t ssl3_timeout, const char *cache_directory, bool multi_processor)
bool Conexus::NSS::inherit_server_session_cache (const char *env_string)
bool Conexus::NSS::set_export_policy (EXPORT_POLICY export_policy)
bool Conexus::NSS::set_cipher_policy (uint32_t cipher, POLICY policy)
POLICY Conexus::NSS::get_cipher_policy (uint32_t cipher)
long int Conexus::NSS::send_client_hello_cache_hits ()
long int Conexus::NSS::send_client_hello_cache_misses ()
long int Conexus::NSS::send_client_hello_cache_not_ok ()
long int Conexus::NSS::handle_server_hello_cache_hits ()
long int Conexus::NSS::handle_server_hello_cache_misses ()
long int Conexus::NSS::handle_server_hello_cache_not_ok ()
long int Conexus::NSS::handle_client_hello_cache_hits ()
long int Conexus::NSS::handle_client_hello_cache_misses ()
long int Conexus::NSS::handle_client_hello_cache_not_ok ()
void Conexus::NSS::finalize ()
void Conexus::NSS::set_nss_password_function (PK11PasswordFunc func)
char * Conexus::NSS::default_nss_password_function (PK11SlotInfo *slot, PRBool retry, void *arg)
void Conexus::NSS::disable_all_ssl_ciphers ()
bool operator< (const SECItem &a, const SECItem &b)
bool operator<= (const SECItem &a, const SECItem &b)
bool operator== (const SECItem &a, const SECItem &b)
bool operator!= (const SECItem &a, const SECItem &b)
bool operator>= (const SECItem &a, const SECItem &b)
bool operator> (const SECItem &a, const SECItem &b)


bool Conexus::NSS::__initialized = false
sigc::signal< std::string,
PK11SlotInfo *, PRBool, void * >
< password_accumulator > 

Function Documentation

bool operator!= ( const SECItem &  a,
const SECItem &  b 

bool operator< ( const SECItem &  a,
const SECItem &  b 

bool operator<= ( const SECItem &  a,
const SECItem &  b 

bool operator== ( const SECItem &  a,
const SECItem &  b 

bool operator> ( const SECItem &  a,
const SECItem &  b 

bool operator>= ( const SECItem &  a,
const SECItem &  b 

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